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[GB] JTK Aqua



171 Keys for $84, including 8 original design novelties and 2 Pantone custom colors.
Hope you guys like it.

JTK Aqua features

* 171 keys
* GIVEAWAY more details below
* Two custom pantone colors!
* 15 Novelties!
* All new modern style Winkeys from JTK!
* Sorting trays
Collocated with dark cases of other color is also nice :thumb:

Sorting trays will be the same as JTK Photo Studio's.




* 84 USD
* Free shipping for orders over 100 USD

* GB: Dec. 23th, 2017 to Jan. 13, 2018
* Estimated Shipping: Apr. 2018
I will be giving away up to 6 special gifts. A gift and a spot will be added for every 50 orders (50 orders = 1 spot, 100 orders = 2 spots... 300 orders = 6 spots, up to 6), every order will be counted as ONE ENTRY. All Chinese and International orders will be counted. ONE winner will be decided for every 50 orders thru RNG and announced here
All gifts are cyan / teal / aqua green / mint in color, just to match the theme! A Moleskine planner, a bottle of Pilot INK-50 Peacock, a Xuan resin & wood pendant, a retro green portable amp, a Pokemon Lapras figure, a hand-painted mug, and a Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal!

 :thumb: bumping this up

$84 for 171 Keycaps is a really good deal. Ill be joining this week!

Keep up these awesome deals, Im loving it!

Geek Maker:
very beautiful keyset ,i love this ,will be any extras for sales ?


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