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Cherry mx red feels heavy

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--- Quote from: Findecanor on Fri, 22 September 2023, 10:54:10 ---Key switches of the same type should not vary more than a couple g. If they are rated at 45g, they could be between 42g and 48g at most.

--- End quote ---

Cherry variance is +-20g so it could be a maximum of 80g but it wouldn't affect every switch that much (and would rarely go to that weight), I believe that it could be an error on cherries part with the springs as people have said.

If you want to keep using the board you have, maybe desoldering and replacing the springs with an aftermarket option like tx would work (You can lube the switches if you are doing that as well, but that's not necessary, just if you are going to desolder you might as well) then solder it back, or you could just buy another board with lighter springs.

The desoldering option may not be good because they might not use leaded solder, which is much harder to desolder, so a desoldering gun will be much preferable if you want to minimize risk of damage of the pcb. So you might be better off just buying a new keyboard, or getting someone else to desolder than resolder for you.


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