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Cherry mx red feels heavy

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What did you do with the old keyboard? Did you try them side-by-side?

Is it possible that the previous keyboard would have had "MX Silent Red" instead of regular clacky Reds?
The Silent Red variety is often perceived to be lighter.

Then there are Corsair keyboards with the same form factor and general appearance with "MX Speed" switches, which definitely are lighter.

its identical keyboard and they aren't silent switches , and sideby side there is a noticible difference in weight, can use make switches lighter overtime??

also i read that cherry mx switches springs vary from different weights in the same switches, so apparently it could be 45 grams to 60 grams of force depending on what you get

Key switches of the same type should not vary more than a couple g. If they are rated at 45g, they could be between 42g and 48g at most.

Keys wear unevenly. Best to compare keys on the function key row.

Have pulled a key and seen what a switch looks like?

yeah the switches look normal, but as long as the switches wear overtime i wouldn'tmind im just not sure if it would get lighter overtime or not from use


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