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[GB] GMK ThinkCaps (shipping)

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There was a package from Candykeys yesterday :cool:

Very happy how this turned out! Thanks @voodoo6k :thumb:

Any eta on when extras will happen?

Super happy this finally arrived! Will post photos later. If anyone wants the NorDe keys from the NorDeUK kit let me know (I only want the UK keys).


--- Quote from: Flybeck on Sat, 09 July 2022, 19:02:39 ---Any eta on when extras will happen?

--- End quote ---

depends on vendor most likely

Today I just received SMS from FeDex that shipping started!
It was long time for wait..

FYI : I bought from zFrontier and it will deliver to Korea before 7/18.
I hope this information will help you guys. Have a good day!


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