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[GB] GMK ThinkCaps (shipping)

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3u spacebar from GMK, it is the first time!

Great work !


--- Quote from: matrixzj on Mon, 16 November 2020, 11:48:53 ---3u spacebar from GMK, it is the first time!

Great work !

--- End quote ---

There were recent group buys with 3u spacebar, but this is the first one with Minila support. ;)

Congratulations, voodoo6k, on a successful group buy launch.

This is a very nice, understated set. I especially like the CP colour legends. I think this might just have to be my first ever group buy. :-)

There is however one thing that bothers me slightly; I was interested in the Numpad kit, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be full NorDeUK coverage for the Numpad, as the R4 "," key is missing from both those kits.

I tried searching the GMK Database for other sets with the CR/CP colour combination, but didn't have much luck. Most WoB sets seem to be CR/WS1, for example. Certainly the NorDeUK extensions. Does anyone know another GMK set where I could find an R4 "," key in such a colourway?  If not, I might have to forego the numpad kit. Either way, it's not a huge deal. I'm sure I'll be quite happy with the rest of this set.

Thanks for making it happen.

That's a very nice set, close to the thinkpad spirit.
I'm kind of sad that the French layout is not supported though. I usually don't mind as I'm touch typist, but for this one, I would have like it (essentially to brag at work!).

Thank you for this amazing set, definitely all in on this one.


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