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[GB] ePbt Be The One - Over. Waiting for ePbt

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If you check the whole list, 9 of the EPBT kits are "start of production" or "waiting to manufacture". How many they do per month? If it's 2 like GMk, that means 4 months waiting still...

a lot of stuff should start moving once Kuro Shiro is out of the way, thats a pretty big one thats being made rn

Update from yesterday on KBDfans site shows production estimated to complete at the end of this month

CandyKeys just updated on their Discord server that Be The One has shipped to them by train.

I'm very interested in the first place Komrad (Cyrillic Set), as well Base, Rainbow or Full Set. I'll take it for any negotiated price or even double price! If anyone would like to suggest pls message me. Can't miss this keycaps! GB unfortunately missed :(


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