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【IC】Zero-G Studio X DMK ABS Keycap Set "THIRD SPACE"

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I like the set , except the novs lol.

Also suggest another name

It's a decent looking set but I would change the name as it conflicts with an existing set.Also the name and colors makes me think of Facebook which tbh is not a good thing. Also please change the noveltys they really don't fit what you are going for. At that point just make a crypto set.

I donít normally make a habit of dunking on peoplesí designs for aesthetic choices, but the crypto-based novelties are cringeworthy and the timing is incredibly poor. Iíve been reading about people attempting because of the crypto market imploding, and so I have very little time for anyone trying to throw out one last grift at the expense of people hoodwinked into believe it was going to take them to the moon.

Edit: a word is obviously automatically removed here but hopefully you can fill in the blanks. Suffice to say thereís a real human toll on people who have speculated on crypto.

can someone clarify why this looks almost exactly like ?

I wonder when will people realize that this type of IC comes from the east pretty much already done. I haven't seen them changing opinions because of something that we said. The name is probably already established there, the novelties, the color, etc. Unless something we are saying is matching some of the criticism they received there, it's not gonna matter at all because their main priority is their public and then they share to us that "hey this exists if you are interested!" The same way we do it with our western ICs at zfrontier (the IC comments there are always people asking to not do GMK and do with a OEM manu for example, or less kittings, cheaper keysets). What they will take from this is that it wont sell as well in the west and that's pretty much it.

Also whoever said this looks like pbt sparks, bro are you okay? this is waaaaaay more saturated, if anything it would be like GMK Jamůn but blue.


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