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Watched episode 1,  getting tingles,  self contained,  wraps up clean,  no junk plot stretched across 10 episodes.

Ya'll seen this ?  it certainly "FEELS RIGHT"  , SO FAR,  don't want 2 jinx it.

Very HDR, everything's Ultra-Shiny

finished, epi 2,  now on epi 3,

it's gud' everything's neat,    talks about all the "issues of our time" "pertinent" and "succinct"

This is precisely what made Trek TREK.

From what I have heard, it sounds like it could be good.

If they can avoid getting bogged down in "sticky" stuff like time travel, wormholes, Section 31, mirror universes, "Q", gods, magic (even if they call it something else), all those useless fabricated junk distractions, then it could be great.

And please, Dear God, NO  FERENGI, and minimal (if any) Klingons.


--- Quote from: fohat.digs on Mon, 23 May 2022, 20:25:18 ---And please, Dear God, NO  FERENGI, and minimal (if any) Klingons.

--- End quote ---

IF it follows the Trek timeline, they shouldn't come anywhere near Ferengi but Kingons could play a big part, especially later.

Canon is always just a wormhole and alternate reality away, one of my most hated aspects of Trek.


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