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What your fav mouse?

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DT225 FTW, but tweaked a lot with ControllerMate to adjust acceleration curve to my tastes, enable scrolling, chording and other nice stuff.


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Also G9x and possibly DeathAdder if it has the same shape as the Habu.
Habu's sensor is too picky, but the shape is fantastic.

Lachesis 5600 - good buttons, good shape at least for me, dpi adjustments, very precise, colors :P
Intelli Explorer 3.0 - very comfortable but slow, needs some fixing of buttons and wheel
Xai - good shape, very precise, extra features for the sensor that I don't use personally, steelseries logo and layer always wearing out making the mouse look awful...( I had two Xai's ), buttons are too easily pressed in my opinion.

If the IE 3.0 sensor was faster I would definitely pick it over any other mouse I own.

Daniel Beaver:
The DeathAdder and IE3.0 are my go-to mice.

Spawn > g9x > Deathadder


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