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What did you do today?

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As the title says...
Apart from your daily routine (showering, eating, working, whatever) what have you done?

I start:

After long time I decided to buy some music CDs again, but after listening through em I remembered why I stopped buying CDs back then. Half of the content was clipped and the majority of the other half had some other defects like pops, clicks or stream corruptions, there was even some weird short high frequency pulse in continuous pattern in one track which under closer inspection (checking the waveform) looked like some sort of audio watermarking. Well, long story short... As I really like the music and don't wanna see my money wasted, I spend today and yesterday manually fixing the waveforms  :))

So, what did you do today?

Bought shoes with steel toecaps + started building a shed from steel, concrete and slate.

Took my niece to school, followed by the doctors with the girlfriend and daughter to get some bloods taken (girlfriend, not me) then went took the daughter to the park for a short while.

That's it thus far. Both gf and little one are now in bed for a bit then God knows what we'll do for the rest of the day.

Will be:
Picking up some templates
working in the wood shop all day
come home, eat dinner
video games
repeat w/o picking up templates

tis a boring life

Out of university for the summer, so not a lot lol.


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