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Favorite Writing Program?

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What is/was your favorite program to use for writing?

Ok, I will start this off, my favorite editor for writing was Q&A Write. It was a DOS program that had just the basic word processing capabilities. Text entry, rudimentary formating, basic printing, and an after the fact spelling checker. When you get down to it what more do you really need? Beyond that you are getting into desktop publishing programs.

My two least favorite ones are EMACS, fortunately no one ever insisted that I use it, and Word. I was not so lucky with Word, I had you use it a lot.

I use vi more than anything else.  So I guess I would have to say it is my the very least, it is where I am the most comfortable.  

I liked TextMate enough to purchase it is definitely high on the list as well (but is strictly for my Mac's).

There were a couple of DOS text editors I used to use on a regular basis "back in the day"...but their names escape me.  :)

I remember when DOS was king. IIRC, you were the shizzle if you had MS-DOS 3.2.....

DOS was the thing, but thats like saying she looked really good through the beer goggles......


A freebie for Mac — iText Express. A small Japanese developer made it and I like it because it reminds me of my other favorite — NewsEditPro, which I don't know how to get a copy of. It's professional for print media and it is so stripped down it's perfect.


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