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Gosh darn it, I didn't win.

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Well yeah I was winning the Northgate Omnikey 101 New in Box and my maximum was more then a hundred more then what the current bid was, then "some" ****ing (Racial Term for Japanese People) beat me

Don't you ****ers already have enough keyboards?

Oh well now it seems like I have to go order a Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro 2 now ... =\

Damn (Racial Term for Japanese People)...


I know for a fact some of the members here are Japanese ...


I know you are just being folksy here, but the last term you used in the title and in your first post here is a very racist term. Many Japanese would get offended by that. Would you please modify the title and your post? Fortunately, not many people have seen it yet :)

I don't know about that being my first post, and in real life I am quiet an outspoken person, not neccesarily a racist, but a world full of euphemisms is a load of ****. But yeah I won't be "too" blunt (if thats even possible, damn over sensative pricks...)

Yourwelcome :)
benippon, happy hacking keyboard pro 2 here I come...


Thank You Legendary Carlin, it's all about the context,


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