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Gosh darn it, I didn't win.

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it's not about oversensitivity. it's about that word not being acceptable due to the history of the word.

carlin is talking about curse words.

the word you used is was and always will be HIGHLY offensive to people of japanese descent due to its history and its use against the japanese people.

so what you're if you're part asian. are you part japanese?
do you know how it feels to be called a jap, chink or gook? that **** pisses me the fuk off as an asian person. and as a part asian. you really should know better.

it's the same connotation as the n word for many japanese people.

it's not about having too many euphemisms, it's about having some respect for people of any race.
and the context you used it in? doesn't seem like a joke to me.

i agree, i hate overly politically correct people. i also hate racist *******s.

Not to be over demanding, but if you have read between the lines, or in other posts in the forums, many of the members have stated that why do the japanese always have to keep the keyboards to them selves this and that, a little here and a little there, so I just meant it as a play on words not to be direct as a racist.

Yes I am fully aware of how detrimental the word can be, and to me its just a word its some what pathetic if that brings you down, I am Thai and Dutch, though mostly of Thai Heritage ironically there is no racial term for the Thai ethnicity, or at least to the extent of my knowledge, though I get called a chink, gook, rail road builder, etc. Do I care.. not neccesarily I just join on in the fun and try to enlighten them while throwing racist "playful" remarks back.


That sounds like me talking about how fat I am. People get blank stares and just crawl in their skin when a muscular fat guy calls himself fat, but that is something that is only funny in person, when you can see that I am overweight. We can't see you're Asian (and most racists wouldn't know Thai from Japanese people or a Chinese dude from Hmong dude). So you see why this ins't working and everyone is all up your butt about it?

exactly what xsphat said.

written word is just that. there is no reading between the lines. there is only reading what you wrote. what you wrote read out highly offensive. there is no light joking whatsoever from your general tone. you're just straight hating that some japanese beat you on the auction and used the word quite liberally.

it's one thing that people are joking about the japanese having so many quality keyboard companies. i don't see any reference to that in your original post. other than "don't they have enough ****ing keyboards?" which reads pretty angry to me.

is it pathetic that we're getting so butthurt about the use of just a word? it's more pathetic that you use such a highly charged word to make light of a situation, when really nobody saw any light use of it. just straight hate.

would you go around screaming N____R? and expect people to take it as a joke?
jap = just that to many people. doesn't matter if it doesn't have any negative connotation to you. you're not japanese.

words may just be words to you. i curse alot. but there are just some words whose history have been so horrible in use that it is never acceptable. and yea. to many, jap does that have that history.
 i mean in ww2 the entire race was placed in concentration camps while being called disloyal untrustworthy etc. were the germans, italians, russians?

you need to be careful with the written word. there is no "tone" to be read. only the words itself. i don't see any making light of the situation as you claim.

racist terms are not "playful" they tend to be very hurtful. people may lightly laugh, but i wouldn't be surprised if they thought less of you. and if ppl are calling you racists terms, there is no fun to be joined in on.

Am I the only one here who picked up the simple sarcasm in the post; mixed with a lot of common, but sharp (and quickly descending) anger at losing an auction?


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