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Gosh darn it, I didn't win.

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Its always the ****ing white guy.....always.

Goddamn crackers, always snipi... oh. wait.

/me looks at jBidWatcher (no, I don't actually have anything in it right now)

/me looks at his skin

/me slowly slinks away :p

Damn, that was a long day of community service, and thank you for being quite judgemental, my great great great grand father is Dutch, while everyone else in my family is Thai, I don't believe in dwelling in the past about how a word was percieved no matter how racist the term is.

Growing up going to public schools I am one of only 3 asians that went to school almost until high school when in my sophmore year that number grew to 8!? Who would've known? Despite the school's majority being upper class white with 2.2% black and hispanic, you let there ignorance piss you off? Hell every day I get whats wrong with you chink eyes, I'd say well first off there not chink, but you need to take history to understand the difference between the asian races, and number 2 there's nothing wrong with the eyes, In fact they provide me with wide screen visions kind of helps out when reading and studying, but when I drive theres a cutoff so I can't see the signs, I say stuff like this, it's just a giant laugh, then I would say let me get your number so i can enlighten you a little more about the subject, but your back's kind of wet and I don't want to pat it.

**** like this brings up the mood, in fact, the probably most "racist" remark I've ever recieved, was one I was the last student to get into class yet it was 4 minutes before class would start. The teacher said you god damn chinks, didn't you build the railroad tracks how come your always late, I would just simply say I was busy making your damn sting ray boots, now leave me alone before you start trying to enslave another race.

What I am trying to get at is, you "people" take the world to seariously and you gobble up all this propaganda that is fed to you through advertisement, word of mouth, and just existing in our capitalistic country. Time and Space as we know it is just a system put into place my ancient Sumerians/Mesopotamiens, the first (at least as far as we know) group of peoples to create city states, extensive agriculture, place of worship (woah not Christian!?). Everything we have rules, laws, religion, established order. Are just fabrications of man to micro manage our little worlds, revolutions occurs, laws are reformed, rules are changed to majority rule minority rights, to have the facad of a caring establishment. Nothing in life is permanent, except your own personal views/OPINIONS. So if someone dares try to alter yours and make you into sheep, well **** him, just throw anything you want back at him a word is just a word regardless of what history originall percieved it as, because guess what IM NOT HISTORY!? And if you live your life with a simple word making you angry well you my friend, need to mature your thought process to the point that the only thing that affects you in life, is yourself.



--- Quote from: bigpook;8520 ---xsphat, are you bidding on this one?
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that's the one.

Geez Vic, take a pill or something.

My hometown is one the probably 5 in the nation that took in the vast majority of refuges from Viet Nam. We have Hmong and Lao people up the ass here. Asians make up about 30% of my city's population. That could be why I get protective when some jerkoff talks mess about them. There are still rednecks that say **** out of turn and think it's funny and then they nudge me with their greasy elbows thinking I'll join in the laugh at the funny brown people because I'm white. I've gotten into fights that way - not to protect my Asian friends and sex partners but because I don't like the idea of someone like that putting their ****-beaters on me. And since it seems to be OK to do this in this thread, ****. I haven't written that on this board yet. That was fun. ****.


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