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Gosh darn it, I didn't win.

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I think if I win that M2 I might have a give away — the person who emails me the best, most raunchy racist joke wins it. I'll even pay the shipping.

What do you think?

I think that can be arranged ^_~


I bet. Maybe I could send the winning joke to all participants or something. It would have to beat the best one I know, which is a pretty good one. Also, I am way more impressed by racist jokes if any race / class can be put in and the joke is still funny.

But is this even fair? Racist jokes are all over the net (I bet ...), so how could I know someone didn't just google it and find a good one?

yall had a thread like this?

WITHOUT invoking godwin's law?

i'm impressed!


--- Quote from: cmr;19609 ---
WITHOUT invoking godwin's law?

--- End quote ---

lol.  geekhack is still pretty civilized. but as more people join, who knows? We've gotta hit the norm sooner or later, right? Law of averages and all.


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