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Operating system recomendations.

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by the way, did you make any hardware changes to it recently? That also may have triggered the serial to be rejected. Has to do with the way the serials are checked, there is some kind of hash value the OS generates based on your hardware configuration; this is so that you cant use the same OS on multiple machines. If hardware has changed enough, the serial is rejected. We've seen this often too and when we call MS we just tell them we installed new hardware and again they've just given us a new serial...


--- Quote from: lam47;13375 ---Its official yeah but the vista is not the issue I'm sure.
Its possible that something got corrupted and a fresh install could be all I need to do.
I don't know I'm kind of sick of Vista.
Oh my PC is called Jenny.
--- End quote ---

you mean like a hard drive corruption? Thats always possible too...

It sounds like you have some bad hardware; I seriously doubt this is a Vista problem.  It seems like one of the devices has a bad BIOS/EEPROM or something that is causing Vista to detect new hardware or is causing hardware errors; thus preventing activation.  While the whole activation thing is stupid, IMO, I think you are going to have some sort of problem no matter which OS you use.  I would start by identifying the cause of the issue and go from there.  As far as OS recommendations, I would go with Vista or Ubuntu.  I, personally, use Vista as I need a Windows OS to run some of my software.  OSX would be a good fit for me, too, but I do not want to buy Apple hardware or build a Hackintosh.

This is interesting. Ubuntu is saying it cant read all of my main HD.
It could be the problem.
I'm going to format it and re install something to try again.
If only Apple would release OSX for everyone.

Well, DX10 isnt going to work with XP iirc, so you'll need vista for gaming. Best bet is dual booting. Use Vista when you game, a linux flavor when you work. Ubuntu should be the easiest to start with, is a great starting resource. You could even dual boot vista and XP if you are happy with XP.

Don't expect Linux to be as easy as using Vista. After all, you used XP for a while and Vista was just a small shift, not a paradigm change. Linux is very different and you'll feel like a fish out of water. Stick with it.

I don't see the need to pirate software, but its possible to put MacOS (which I recommend highly) on normal i86 hardware. You'll miss support and optimizations, but people often use it to decide if they want to move over.

There is no perfect OS. Find the one which inconveniences you least.

For the braver people out there,  try OS/2, Plan 9 or BeOS(Zeta). Get extra geek points for using an OS that most people have never even heard of, let alone used.

If I had to tell you what to do: triple boot. 20gb XP 20gb Linux, rest vista for games. Try linux, if you get frustrated you can fall back on xp.


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