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Best Keyboards for Every Occasion

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Take a look at webwit's avatar, yeah, we're that different.


--- Quote from: bigpook;16459 ---strangely, no mention of HHKB, Filco or ?
Are we really that different than the mainstream?
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I fear that we are.  I had never heard of any of the other boards that I've tried (except for the M) until I stumbled on geekhack. Never heard of cherries, or even alps, or filco or topre or DSI or even scorpius, not anything else. And I've been in and out of the computer world for most of my life though not a programmer (EE undergrad and of late university tech support). But thats how outside the mainstream these brands still are (and why I keep complaining to these companies that with just a little ambition on their part, the world is waiting for them)


--- Quote ---1. Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro
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Couldn't read any further. :(

I can agree with you wellington, I found the Model M on my own but EVERYTHING else I learned about keyboards has been on this website. I didn't think there was a whole culture dedicated to keyboards. To be honest I have been here since April, I thought I would have been long gone by now. But outside of this group, NO ONE that I know is even remotely interested in computer keyboards.


--- Quote from: lowpoly;16483 ---Couldn't read any further. :(
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Oh come on! Chin up man! Keep reading, it only gets better : )


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