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what a beautiful day

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--- Quote from: webwit;18951 ---Can't be worse than Bush though.
--- End quote ---

I think thats the key thing the country is united on. Even the cynics apparently. ;)

I read in the most recent poll that about 80% of the nation supports him, but more interestingly, over 60% of declared republicans support him now. Thats pretty amazing - when was the last time that happened in this country which has been so polarized of late? Thats historic in itself ;)


--- Quote from: wellington1869;18940 ---for america.

some hope for the colossal challenges ahead.
--- End quote ---

Why? did something happen today?

I'm waiting for him to fart lightning bolts and solve the economy.

Woah... ashort out of nowhere.  Where have you been?


--- Quote from: itlnstln;19433 ---Woah... ashort out of nowhere.  Where have you been?
--- End quote ---

IN a word..."Busy".  Family's been sick 2-3 times each since before Christmas, including myself, and work has me overloaded right's not fun.


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