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[GB] ePBT Simple Baybayin | 7/8 Vendors Live
« on: Wed, 20 October 2021, 13:17:29 »

ePBT Simple Baybayin

GB Dates: Oct 20 - Nov 20
Shipping: Q2 2022

Worldwide: KBDfans
US: Vala Supply
CAN: DeskHero
EU: Mykeyboard
PH: ZionStudios
OCE: SwitchKeys
UK: proto[Typist]
South  America: Fancy Customs


Here is my Discord server. This is where updates and teasers are released first. This is the fastest way to contact me as well, just give me a ping if you have a question.


The Base Kit is containing everything you need for the most common layouts along with alternatives if you want no accent keys.

DISCLAIMER: Renders do NOT show the final product and how the colors will look in real life. I have attempted to match the renders as closely as possible to the color samples I have, and I will be color matching to the physical sample, and not the renders. Please understand that my monitor is not the same as yours, and differences in lighting and texture also play a role. Colors may seem different in the renders in relation to each other, but this is intentional as it is meant to mimic different lighting conditions.

Metal Keycap

Asero Foundry

Asero Foundry x Simple Baybayin Metal Esc Key

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Re: [GB] ePBT Simple Baybayin | 7/8 Vendors Live
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