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GMK Noel
Live in April 2020 on

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Inspired by the character Noel from Celestial Method, this set aims to bring the cute and endearing theme onto GMK keycaps through light pastel colours and adorable novelty motifs.


Group Buy will be available from April 1st to May 1st, with shipment planned for December 2020

* North America: Cannon Keys
* Canada: Deskhero
* Europe: MyKeyboard
* China/Asia: ZFrontier or ZFrontier EN
* Oceania/SEA: Daily Clack
* Japan: Yushakobo
Prices are in USD through Cannon Keys; for all other vendors please refer to the official site link

* Base Kit: $134.99
* Novelties: $49.99
* Extension (40s/Ortho/Bars): $39.99
* Hiragana Sub-legends: $58.99
* Deskmats: $16.99
Colour Samples
Album Link

* GMK WS2 for White
* RAL 010 80 20 for Pink
* RAL 210 85 15 for Light Blue
* RAL 230 70 30 for Dark Blue
Colours were initially colour-matched with a physical sample from the source, with "Pastel Pink", "Fine Blue" and "Fitness Blue" being the final custom colours used after playing with similar colours to see which variants would work best for the set. WS2 was chosen over the typical WS1 as it provides a more cooler tone, which helps define and tie in the overall theme better.

Kit Renders

Base Kit

Hiragana Sub-legends Kit

40s/Ortho/Spacebars (Extension) Kit

Novelties Kit




Board Renders

TGR Jane v2 by yuktsi
Rendered by pikku-allu


J-02 LE by Jae
Rendered by MetallicCharles


Miss Pink Sofia by Nix Studio
Rendered by MetallicCharles


Dark Blue Sofia by Nix Studio
Rendered by MetallicCharles

Poly Think6.5 by GrayStudio
Rendered by Abec13


Bocc by Senryo
Rendered by Kingk22

Aki-S by Senryo
Rendered by Kingk22

Synth Labs 060 by Nostril
Rendered by Nostril

We have chosen collaborations that help accentuate the theme, and bring out the cuteness and playfulness of the set
Shoutout to reeeyouuu for helping me with contacts and design

Alpha Keycaps

Art Key Universe

CYSM caps
Will be available after Group Buy

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Thanks to Kingk22, Abec13, Fatboycarney, Octix, Upas, necromanx, Yui, pikku-allu, Phatty, MetallicCharles, reeeyouuu, OneCreativeMind, Jae and Brian from TC and everyone from my discord server (sorry if I missed anyone).
Without you all, I never thought it would've been possible to get this far, and I owe it to all of you for helping me along the way.



one of the best sets in 2020 for sure

must buy!

It's finally happening!!!


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