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This pic was taken in the shade + indoor incandescent lighting so it's kinda scuffed

Left is R2 sample, right is final

deskmat sample:

Ran from Oct 13 - Nov 8.

ePBT Skadi is a keycap set inspired by the character Scáthach-Skadi from TYPE-MOON's Fate media franchise, who is based on the Norse winter goddess, Skaði.


There will be a base kit, a tenkey kit, and a spacekeys/bars kit for compatibility with most 60, 65, 70, 75, 660, TKL, 96, 1800, full-size keyboards in ANSI, tsangan/WKL, basic ISO, HHKB configurations and more. We have also added support for 40s, ortholinear and NorDeUK.

The novelties included will feature a set of treasures fit for the Norse Goddess of Winter.

Base kit - $120 CAD ($92~ USD) @ MOQ 200

Numpad kit - $25 CAD ($19~ USD) @ MOQ N/A

Spaces kit - $25 CAD ($19~ USD) @ MOQ N/A

Novelties kit - $21 CAD ($16~ USD) @ MOQ N/A

40s/Ortho kit - $25 CAD ($19~ USD) @ MOQ N/A

NorDeUK kit - $34 CAD ($26~ USD) @ MOQ N/A


O, ancient rune.

For only $29 CAD ($22~ USD) you can Enhance your Primeval Rune to Lv.10 for maximum value!


Up for your consideration are these lovely Sakuras by Tokkipee! They will come in both variants and will be available to purchase as FCFS for $69 CAD each keycap (limited one of each colorway per household).

Prime Caps and Hello? Caps info will come later! 


We will also be offering a limited stock of 5 foot USB-A to USB-C cables from noodlecords!

Where to buy?

NA: ApexKeyboards
Base: $120 CAD
Numpad: $25 CAD
Spaces: $25 CAD
Novelties: $21 CAD
40s/Ortho: $25 CAD
NorDeUK: $34 CAD

EU: MyKeyboard (VAT included)
Base: €89
Numpad: €18 
Spaces: €18
Novelties: €15
40s/Ortho: €18
NorDeUK: €25

China: KBDfans
Base: $92
Numpad: $19
Spaces: $19
Novelties: $16
40s/Ortho: $19
NorDeUK: $26

Asia: monokei
Base: $127 SGD
Numpad: $28 SGD
Spaces: $28 SGD
Novelties: $22 SGD
40s/Ortho: $28 SGD
NorDeUK: $36 SGD

Australia: Daily Clack
Base: $126 AUD
Numpad: $26 AUD
Space: $26 AUD
Novelties: $22 AUD
40s/Ortho: $26 AUD
NorDeUK: $36 AUD

More Renders

MoreThe following renders as well as the kit mockups are provided by Oblotzky.

The following renders are provided by Marco.


We will be using ePBT's new molds which should be completed in September. This will hopefully eliminate warping in spacebars and mods! We should be getting samples for those new keycaps as well as samples for the colors ASAP.

Colors are Pantone, physical chips have been sent to get color matched by ePBT. The white is GMK's WS2. Photo was taken in the shade.

These runic legends were designed by Ulliam specifically for this set. Shout out to LeandreN for his original IC of an Elder Futhark set that gave me the idea, the layout of the sub legends is the same as his mockup. With some advice from konstantin we decided to use some rune variants within Elder Futhark to fill out 26 keys.


Join the ApexKeyboards Discord server for the quickest updates and further degeneracy discussion!


* October 13, 2020 - GB Launch
* November 8, 2020 - GB Closed
Credits (alphabetical)

* エース
* ApexKeyboards and all vendors involved
* Hello? Caps
* konstantin
* Oblotzky
* Olivia
* OneCreativeMind
* Pachriksu
* PrimeCaps
* pwade3
* Rensuya
* Tokkipee
* Ulliam
* Weeb Cave OGs, wouldn't be here without you guys

Disclaimers/Miscellaneous Info

The modifier base color is really tricky. It can look baby pink in warm light while appearing lilac in the shade. For me and my terrible display the Oblotzky rendered mods look a little bit more vibrant while my physical samples look a little less saturated, but that's just me as others have told me the renders look perfect. Marco's renders seem a little warmer and you can see what I mean by "looking pink."

The legends MAY have a slight variation in lightness between the mods and alphas in the final product due to how dye-sublimation works. To clarify, this does not mean that the legends will be inconsistent across the keys. For example, the legends printed on the modifiers and accent keys may appear darker compared to legends printed on white keycaps. I hope that makes sense. It's tough to guarantee that the dyesubbed legends will be an exact match to the plastic Pantone sample chip.

The legends seen in the renders will not be an exact representation of the final product. We are considering to use the same legends as ePBT Samurai with some tweaks here and there.

The photo of the Sakura novelties are samples provided by Tokkipee and have not been properly color matched. I will be sending each artisan a physical sample to properly match.

Looks nice, GLWGB!

One question though: when is it going to be delivered?


Bought mine this morning. OhIStaryn.


--- Quote from: ubmit on Tue, 13 October 2020, 18:21:39 ---Looks nice, GLWIC!

One question though: when is it going to be delivered?

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure due to ePBT's new tooling. I still haven't confirmed if it's finished yet.

I'd estimate like 5 months which is what ePBT Samurai's lead time is, I think.


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