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For that extra touch of speshul

Pre-orders starting late January, shipping starts February

Sale is now open at /

Hi, Cosmin here,
"The Box" is a short story I'm writing. It also involves comic book style animations in order to present the story. Part 1 can be found here: (The Box, Part 1)

I'm doing the writing and episode montage. I've contracted an illustrator and voice actors for part 1, a collaboration which will continue in part 2 and hopefully until the story is finished.

Pricing and additional info

* 29GBP (~40$) per keycap. Max one of the same color per order. Payment through paypal in USD, GBP or EUR.
* Cherry MX compatible
* Sticker for Part1 included (2"x2"), hopefully the shipment isn't stuck at the border for much longer, due to Brexit.
* Shipping free for Europe on 2+ colorways, free worldwide on 3+ colorwaysKeycaps are FDM printed at 0.1mm, go through a 4 step gradual sanding, then receive 2 layers of each: primer, paint, matte varnish (to protect the paint).

Pre-Order info

There are a limited number of 20 pre-order slots available for each colorway. Part 1 will have a maximum of 30 of each in the wild, ever. A number of each is reserved for giveaways and bundles or future events.

Pre-order on the website will be first come-first served, but orders are limited to a maximum of 1 of the same color.

Shipping of orders start mid/late February 2021, orders are processed in the order they come in.

Final word:
A lot of time, learning, work and money went in the illustrations, voice acting, editing software, the website plugins, packaging, stickers, besides the actual materials used and countless "back to the drawing board" situations. All of it was necessary to reach a point where the experience is as streamlined as can be and where the keycaps actually have a story, a meaning behind them. I think it was worth it! I thank all of you who offered suggestions and who'll become supporters of the project.

Please feel free to join discord, instagram, youtube for store support (private ticket system), asking for info, participating in giveaways, discounts, behind the scenes and generally staying in the loop about the story.

Join the club, enjoy the drama! #MadeInLondon

Some Toxic Romance at The shop

I'll use this thread as a sort of log for the keycaps I make.

The Traveller goes from town to town in search for his long lost friend.
Less than 24h left.
- Price is 35GBP (~48$)
- Cherry MX stem
- multi-shot PU
- International Shipping: 6 GBP,  UK shipping: 3GBP
- Shipping within 1 week after completion
- Imgur:


01 November

Adding my first artisan service: metal business cards (ID cards). Made out of aluminum alloy, photographic quality print is done via sublimation.

Get them on:
etsy: Etsy


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