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MiTo の Laser65

blindassassin111 の Crown TKL

Drop + Tokyo の Tokyo60

Old Renders
MoreKeycult の 1/65

yuktsi の TGR 910

Charity Details
I am passionate in providing support to relevant issues that are happening in the world. Therefore, for the first five months of pre-orders, all designer profits will go towards the organizations listed below. By pre-ordering this set, you are making a positive impact on the world by donating to relevant and impactful charities. All donations will be completed after the sets have been shipped out.

January 14 - March 1: Black Lives Matter

March 2 - April 16: WHO COVID-19 Response Fund

April 17 - June 1: Japanese American Citizens League

Pre-Order Details
Drop (International), January 14th, 2021
Estimated Shipping: September 30, 2021
Special Promotion (Valid from 1/14/21 - 1/16/21): $10 off with code WOBK10
Special Promotion (Valid from 1/14/21 - 2/16/21): Group Buy Pricing - $120

When will the pre-order end?
Drop recently changed how GMK group buys are managed. Instead of the group buy lasting only a month, Drop will keep the product running in perpetuity on a pre-order -> in-stock loop. You may have already noticed this with Drop's GMK White-on-Black. This system is a win-win for everyone involved because it allows people to join the buy even if they are a few months late in discovering it.

Why just a base kit?
This is a WoB set; here are many extension kits already available. Having only one kit makes ongoing pre-orders easier and less expensive. Future modifications of this set may consider child kits if conditions allow.

This set will use the new community-made Katakana/Kanji monolegends (Also featured on GMK Mecha-01).

Discord server (for updates, etc.)

Signature banner (support the set!)

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Special thanks to
Oblotzky for the renders and help
kidviddy for JIS and layout help

Wow this new system is most definitely a win-win. I'm not a fan of WoB but this one looks lovely!

Just a little update:

Less than a week left to preorder! Sales have been amazing so far and there is no doubt that these will be produced.
As of 2/10/21, there are 6 days left to pre-order the set, which is like joining a GB. After 2/16/21, you can still pre-order, but it will be like buying extras where the price will likely go up 10-20 dollars.
Overall, I'm super happy on the progress so far and I look forward to the eventual donation to the three charities that I planned for! :thumb:


2/18 Edit: Updated with final group buy numbers.  Pre-order now in progress.

GMK WoB Katakana is beginning to ship out!

All pre-orders should start to ship out through the upcoming few days/week. That means you'll get a shipping notification soon, if you haven't already. I'll be announcing more details for the charity donations once I have the information required to do that!

If you didn't get to pre-order, the set is ready to ship and purchasable right now on the Drop product page.


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