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Pizza is finally back! We launched the Pizza Keyboards project nearly 1 year ago with a very specific roadmap in mind, and the response has been amazing.

Our first mission was to offer fast shipping times with no compromise on the product quality, and we achieved it by partnering with local suppliers. Starting from this idea we developed a simple product that aimed at pragmaticism: a seamless, minimalistic top-mount style board with a great sound profile and lot of customization possibilities, thanks to the specifically designed PizzaPCB, supporting ANSI/ISO compatibility and extra broken-out GPIO pins.
We are now ready to launch again our Pizza65, improving our solid recipe to bring it at the next quality level!

The casing is now made of an upgraded, higher quality 6082 series aluminum and then hand-finished with a new sandblasting process. We are also collaborating with a new partner for better anodization: this results in a premium, grainy looking but smooth at touch surface finish. To match this rich texture we decided to add a new sandblasted option for our brass plate (both ANSI and ISO):

And we are also introducing a new clear-anodized Silver Ash colorway to celebrate this beautiful material and the great finish we achieved: this special edition will be exclusively available with our new brass option.

Along with the new improved Pizza65 R2 we are officially launching the most requested feature since our first release, the new hot-swap Slice65 PCB!

Available in ANSI and featuring the newly released 2nd Generation Kailh Hot-Swap sockets, the Slice65 maintains and improves the features of the original PizzaPCB.
 - HASL-Lead Free matte black finish
 - Extra GPIO Pins
 - STM32 F0 Microcontroller
 - QMK and VIA compatibility
 - Redesigned ESD protection
 - 6000 cycle hot-swap sockets by Kailh (vs the 100 cycle original 1st gen available in most PCBs)
*more pics coming soon*

A more limited batch of the original solderable PizzaPCB will be available during the GB.
PizzaPCB supports both ISO and ANSI, stepped capslock and split backspace.
*pics coming soon*
Pizza65 specs

 - Seamless Top-mount design
 - 7 degrees angle
 -  Made of 6082 series aluminum
 -  Machined, finished and anodized in Italy by different specialized partners
 - Weighs Approximately 1.5 Kilograms without PCB and components
 - Compatible with Slice65, PizzaPCB and most third part 65% PCBs
Plate options:
 - 1.5mm Aluminum Plate (ANSI only)
 - 1.5 mm Sandblasted Brass Plate (ANSI only)
 - 1.5mm Shiny Hand-Polished brass plate (ANSI and ISO)

Pricing and Availability


                  |  Pizza65 with Aluminum Plate  | |  Pizza65 with Brass Plate  | No PCB included    249.99€       279.99€  PizzaPCB Solderable ANSI/ISO    299.99€         329.99€    Slice65 Hot-Swap ANSI    309.99€         339.99€     

Please note that ISO combos, that includes solderable PizzaPCB and the Shiny Hand Polished ISO Brass Plate, will be particularly limited. As for the old GB, aluminum plates are ANSI only.
The Pizza-box shaped packaging includes fixings, rubber pads and stickers.

The first ten customers that will place an order containing a Pizza65 R2 will receive one of our new Marinara Lube for free!
Marinara Lube is our custom-packed Krytox™ GPL205 Grade 2 PTFE grease*, optimal for lubing keyboard parts as stabs and switches.

*please note that Krytox™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC. and that Pizza Keyboards Srls is not related in any way to The Chemours Company.

Taeha's Impressions on the original Pizza65:

And Sam Pak's:

PREORDERS STARTING MONDAY 27 SEPTEMBER AT 17:00 GMT - FCFS, limited quantities available, ending October 27
Hosted on our own platform:

Shippings organized in batches, first orders ships Q4 2021 and GB fulfillment expected for February 2022

Follow us or get in touch via Instagram:
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Finally an Hot Swap pcb!
I'll wait for the photos :cool:

the new color + hotswap pcb + V2 sockets = instabuy.
good thing it drops on payday LOL.

Silver color looks dope!  :cool:

Clean and minimalistic. I like it. And, with new hotswap sockets  :thumb:

Will you post more pics before the GB starts? Would like to see how the silver ano looks.


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