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How many keycaps sets do you have and how often do you swap them?

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Including the sets I'm waiting to be shipped out from GB's? ... 23
How often do I "swap" them? Almost never. They each have their own designated keyboard. (Several are waiting for their keyboard to be delivered, and a a couple are waiting for me to discover a keyboard for them.)


--- Quote from: phinix on Tue, 16 November 2021, 04:57:01 ---I was wondering, how many keycaps sets do you guys have and how often do you swap them?
Do you swap just for differen theme, or do cinema hd you prefer to change profiles from time to time?
Do you have your preffered caps profile+switches combo?

--- End quote ---
24 caps

I have a problem with being indecisive so the less sets the better. Currently only have 3 sets. Usually only change caps if I find a set that will match my boards color scheme better. End up selling off other sets so I don't keep bouncing back and forth between sets.

I have bought too many DSA caps off signature plastics. Preference after trying so many different profiles/textures over the years...

I have 3-4 Modifier kits for 96 key layout, and 5-6 alphas. Then accent kits... haha.

one set of mt3 susuwatari colevrak and some random grabbags. i don't change them.


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