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Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Memento group buy.
This board has been in the works for several months, and we can't wait to finally get it into everyone's hands. The group buy for this board will take place tomorrow.

Memento is a 60% board, with a robust, three-piece construction.

The board is comprised of three pieces; the shell, the base, and the bottom plate. The plate is mounted to the board with an o-ring gasket.

More product details can be found in the Interest Check thread.

Fast Facts:
-Ink Black aluminum WKL shell piece
-Sterling Silver aluminum base piece
-Rainbow PVD Stainless Steel backplate
-Sterling Silver full aluminum plate
 -Custom ek60 PCB (QMK/VIA compatible) with daughterboard
-Price: $615
-Quantity: 100
-Date: December 11th, 2021 at 10AM EST
-Estimated Ship Date: Late Summer 2022

Group Buy Info
Saturday, December 11th at 10AM EST
100 units sold FCFS
Product Page Here

Prototype Pictures
These are pictures of the final prototype.
Prototype Changelog + Updates from Vertigo-era Prototype

Feel free to follow us on Instagram to see more of this board and join the Discord server for more updates.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this board come to fruition, especially those who joined our early proto rounds.

Approved :thumb:

Hey everyone, a few things before the buy tomorrow (10 AM EST at this link!).

- The product listing for the board is now offline, and will show up as in-stock at 10AM EST tomorrow morning for you all to proceed with checkout.
- Please reply to your order confirmation email to add extra plates/PCBs, as this will let the checkout process go more smoothly, as well as help us out during fulfillment.
- Make sure to get the Memento role in our Discord server as we will ping as we cancel botted orders manually throughout the day and spots may open up

Best of luck to all of you going for a board, and thank you all for continuing to support us. It really does mean a lot.

Can't wait to get this board into people's hands. See you all tomorrow  :thumb:

Update 2/7

Hi everyone, sorry for the very delayed first update. Order has been placed with the manufacturer, and will commence following the end of the CNY holiday.

We made a small change to the bottom piece design to be more compatible with more flexible plates (ie polycarbonate), and we took delivery of an unfinished sample of that part this week. Everything is looking good, and we've greenlighted that new design.

See the image below for a before vs. after comparison of the two parts. We'll be in touch, and thanks all for your support. Cheers!

looks good


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