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I was intrigued enough to order a set for a TKL. The force curve Zeal posted on IG shows an extremely (sharply) tactile switch so at the very least, it's something different in the MX world.

Zeal, would it be possible to get a sound test with these in a board?

My bad, didn't see the sentence at the end.

Hak Foo:
I sort of had these in mind back when I built a custom (buying the MOQ of five PCBs figuring one day I'd want to build them with another different switch type) but that price is sort of painful.  The current market leading clicky switches (Kalih Box clickies) are less than half that price.

I'd love to see a video or disassembly diagram illustrating the modification process.  In particular, I'm worried that it might be a "you need specific clearances to open the switch to perform the mod" situation, where not every plate design will be compatible.

Wow 1.30 per switch and your warranty is void if you use the main feature as intended

chat and team:
no, i can one tactile, clicky, and linear for less than a zeal switch.
Box jade: 34 cents
Jwick black T1- 25cents
Jwick black linear 25 cents
disregarding shipping from different vendors
Another Novelkeys only example
Cherry black 38 cents
Box jade 34 cents
Box royal 50 cents
Total: 1.22 cents 8 cents cheaper may seem very little upfront but you get 3 switch instead of 1
 One more from Paramountkeeb
Jwick yellow,red gat milky pro yellow and red, and jwick black tactile or jwick black linear I can average all of these to 25 cents each.
While there is no clicky i could just get these non overpriced decent linear/tactiles for a fraction of the cost
1.30 is 520% of 25 btw just to let yall know .
Common arguments
-Youre paying for the tech and thoughts put into this switch.
Dont care dont want this no one asked for it
-Its innovation
It is but in the wrong direction and again who asked for it? No one did.
-zeal so good
No its not its overpriced
-zeal is Canadian
So is kumamech polartypes and we all know what they do ( if you don't they scam )
- its expensive to produce
no its not, its China
This is almost like Rama paying a premium for a product that wasn't asked for or needed
- this takes less space
i dont have anything to say about this since this is true
I have a personal question will other switch manus be able to use this  "patent pending"  technology if not , whats the point of this "innovation" if others cannot use this and its only exclusive to Zeal.

Are there any videos showcasing switching between the different mx styles? Any typing tests in actual boards? It seems strange that so much effort clearly went into this product but I think you're misrepresenting it with an 11 second video.


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