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Thanks for the kind words everyone! really stoked to get this group buy started.

We received the final color samples for Indian Teal and Grape, so we're all set to start the group buy!

Also, we've added a new page for Extra Tops in the 4 anodized colors (black, red, indian teal and grape) and for e-white if you'd like to add that to your group buy order.

Group Buy will start on May 21st, 8am PDT. Please check out XinXinWong's build stream on the same day at 6pm PDT!

Group buy is now live!

There might be a hiccup with shipping prices for international buyers. If the shipping price does not match the +$30 for Canada and +$40 for the rest of the world, please place your order and contact P3D store by email for a partial shipping refund. We greatly apologize for the inconvenience.

One week down! Thanks everyone who has entered the group buy so far. Just a reminder that the group buy will run through July 1st!

I have also updated OP with VODs and typing tests from both XinXinWong's and Hedgey's build stream. Please check them out if you have a chance!

We also have one last stream coming up on June 24th, 1:00pm PDT, by StrayChroma.

Friendly thread bump here.

Pegasus is in the last week of the group buy! Thanks to everyone that has joined so far!

StrayChroma will be streaming a Pegasus build at 1pm PT today. If you're available, please tune in and hang out with everyone!

Last day to get in on the group buy! Group buy will end on July 1st, 8am PST.

Thanks everyone!


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