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[GB] Pegasus - 40% WKL Keyboard | In Production

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--- Quote from: chat and team on Sun, 15 May 2022, 17:52:41 ---plate for 60 lol what

--- End quote ---

Following up with what dededecline said, the half-plate is integrated into the raised, inner bezel and 0.75u blockers. Please see the product photos and tech spec document for your reference. Due to this design, the plate is not cheap to manufacturer. Hope that helps explain why the extra plates are $60. Let us know if there's anything else that may be unclear.

I'm surprised how cheap that plate piece is tbh. It's like the most complex piece of the whole construction.
Anyway, excited to join the GB. Great work.

very cool design

Heist Morty:
gib. so excited for the endless colorways

Absolute banger, which is not surprising seeing as how your first board got 40% BOTY.


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