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I have the following available:

20 x black key with orange text (orange on black)

Pricing and shipping the same as the other group buys:

USA - First key $7 shipped, additional keys +$4 each.
Non-USA - First key $11 shipped, additional keys +$4 each.

Pre-pay via paypal (as a gift if at  all possible) to me [at] imav [dot] org . In the subject, put GH  key - LEFTOVERS - GH username. In the body of the message, please include  number of keys, your mailing address, and your geekhack username.

*** This post will be modified as orders are placed **
If your paypal money is not returned/refunded, then you got what you wanted.  ;)

I'll take:

1 x blue key with white text (white on blue)
1 x white key with green text (green on white)

Edit:  and money sent. =)

I will take:

Red x 1
Orange x1
White x 1

PayPal Sent...

I am a bit confused.

Are these individual keys and if yes,  for which row and what printing is on them?

Or are these sets?

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^ They're "Esc" keys with Geekhack on them and yes, they're sold individually.  I guees iMav has a few of them left over from group buy. =P


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