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[SUSPENDED]$20 Used Cherry Doubleshots Round 2

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Read the first paragraph! I will likely not be running round 2, and orders past the first 10 or 11 are tentative!
Alright, I contacted my supplier about more boards, and he's got 10 or so. I am honestly not up to running this buy a second time though right now, at least not for a good while. College application deadlines are around the corner, and I've got my hands full. I want to say the earliest I could comfortably run this would be February, especially considering I do my board stripping outside, and it's quite cold here in December and January. February as well, actually, but I would be done with midterms then, so it wouldn't be a huge deal. If someone else wants to take over and run it sooner, PM me and I'll give you details. I'd prefer handing it over to a reputable GH member, but I'd be open to anything if it's cool with you guys. Sorry about this. I didn't expect things to be as busy as they are. I was kind of hoping I'd be in college by now.

Hi, everyone. I'm writing to inform you that the second round of cherry doubleshots has begun! These will be white on black doubleshots from G81-8000s, and the modifiers won't be compatible with most boards as a result. However, I may end up running a moogle kit buy in a while, so you shouldn't trouble yourself too much with that. Even if I don't, someone will soon. That's how things work around here.

This is the second round of the buy, and things have changed very slightly: prices are now fixed at $20 US and $27 to anywhere else. This is to balance out paypal fees, which I did poorly in the first round, and it led to a whole ton of invoices and ruined my otherwise beautiful paypal invoice page. I accept both Paypal and Amazon Payments in the event that you don't care for Paypal. Throw up a post if you're interested, and I'll add you to the list! If you buy 2 sets, shipping will be the same, but if you buy more than two, I'll have to figure it specifically for you, so expect a delay in your invoice.

DorkVader:    1
Brenden:       1
Jester3001:   1
Pitashen:      1
NolliePopper:  1
Tsangen:        1
DaemonRaccoon: 1
Kisakuku: 1
Reptile: 1
Duq: 2

iMav: 1
DraJin: 1
Lootbag: 1
Scrubadub: 1
Miniskleip: 1
JesuswawaZombie: 1
zzspectrez: 1

Total: 18

Put me down for a set.


Which G81?

Interested, but need layout details first.

I'll see if I can get pictures of a set or two. For the record, these will be used, and if the other thread is of any indication, the modifiers are not compatible with most boards.

EDIT: Added model details to original post. G81-8000HPCUS-2.


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