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[Interest Check] Doubleshot TRIFORCE (ESC/MOD) Keycaps!

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Love the idea of making these Super replacements.  Regardless I'm in for at least two.


--- Quote from: hazeluff;446959 ---Are these SUPER keys mod keys?
--- End quote ---

Yea, it's the generic term for what people call the Windows key.

I'm interested in this "three triangles" key as a top row cap.


--- Quote from: fluxrez;447018 ---I'm interested in this "three triangles" key as a top row cap.
--- End quote ---

That's what i'm talking about, Lets get this buy going!!! I put myself down for 5 of these keys.


--- Quote from: hazeluff;446754 ---It should be allowed, The use of the 3 triangles like that dates back way before nintendo. Also just calling it something else doesn't avoid copyrights

Wiki (Fischer's logo is the triforce + text underneath. Not just triforce)

I've been to japan so many times. Seen it at temples and even on branded skies.
--- End quote ---

But let's just keep calling them "three triangles" ; p.

Personally I like "triple power".


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