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Iím new to mechanical keyboards and I just bought my first TKL a few days ago. I really like the full 104 boards for the number-pad and I really need it at work. As Iíve surfed the threads and seen some of the super-hot TKL and 60% boards, Iíve wanted to get one more and more. But I wasnít ready to get rid of my number-pad. So I bought this security blanket to solve my issue. Now I can get a smaller board and have a number-pad.

So here are some of my thoughts on this lil pad.

The keypad has Cherry MX Brown switches. Right now, I own two boards with Cherry MX blues so thatís the baseline Iím going to be using. Blues have a wonderful tactile bump, with a CLICK when the spring presses down. When I press down on the Browns, they feel almost linear. The tactile bump is really light and so is pressing down. Theyíre not as light as reds but theyíre slightly too light for me. But what I do like is that theyíre pretty quiet and they have a delightful rebound.

I really like Filcos. The first two mechanical keyboards I ever touched were 104 Filcos: one with blues and one with browns.  And when I decided to upgrade from my BlackWidow, I picked up a Filco Ninja Majestouch2. Filco has a thin bezel, simple logo/branding, nice blue LEDs, and no extra gimmicks. And that carried over to the tenkeypad. Again, simple logo, thin bezel, and blue LED.

The pad feels about half the weight of my Leopold (Which the box says 1kg). I mean itís probably less but it FEELS hefty, which is always a good thing. The keys feel like they have the same wobble as my Leopold and the Ninja. And when I press down, it feels solid. Thereís no flex and no bounce. My BlackWidow feels almost bouncy sometimes.

Overall, Iím really happy with the pad. My only complaint is that I found out I donít really like brown switches. But thatís ok, Iím going to be modding it to have black keys and Iíll post up pictures of that little project when I get around to it.

Thanks for the review.  I had one of these before and then sold it after I got a NIB Cherry G80-3700.  :)

^ Thanks again reaper :D I'll post a review on it too after I get it back from repairs.

Oh you're welcome and can't wait for the review.  :)

I did some very interesting modifications to it, one of which caused MiMiC to have to source a part from Japan to get it fixed which took forever to get here.


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