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Seen on eBay - Alps keyboard with built-in trackpad

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I rather expect you to swap them.

And I think I finally figured out the blacks - they feel good only if you pound on them and type fast.

cherry browns have less tactility than cherry blues, but they are indeed tactile. cherry mx blacks are completely linear from start to finish, cherry ml blacks are tactile and I would say around the same as the cherry browns, but i think maybe a longer intermediary step for browns?
All in all blues are my current favourite. But browns are useful in quiet situations and blacks are suited for gaming and just feel stronger in general.


--- Quote from: iMav;6277 ---Not trying at all to "call him out".  I'm simply someone who is awaiting a brown-cherry-equipped keyboard and trying to get a handle on what to expect.

Just looking for some clarification.  

xsphat, you mentioned in the past that the feel of the HHKB Pro and the cherry browns are very similar (and at one point saying the brown's were better)...I'm not trying at all to embarass you...I know that you like to switch things up a lot.

I'm just looking for some clarification for my own education as to the differences in feel.
--- End quote ---

Sorry , it was not meant in that way at all. But I found your post to be genuinely funny, but not in a negative way.
You guys are too much sometimes : )



--- Quote from: Eclairz;6295 ---cherry browns have less tactility than cherry blues, but they are indeed tactile.
--- End quote ---

Agreed.  The browns (which I am currently typing on) are most-certainly tactile.

Hmm. Time to start scouring eBay for something that might have browns?


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