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Seen on eBay - Alps keyboard with built-in trackpad

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doctorpiorno: It's not the only one with a built-in trackpad, also look at the Northgate OmniKey Evolution.

(And that one's ergo, if that's your cup of tea.)


--- Quote from: xsphat;6258 ---Ditto, I prefer Topre switches to anything I've tried by Cherry.
--- End quote ---

Seriously?  I think the HHKB Pro's feel fine...but no way do they beat the feel of a blue Cherry switch for me.

Didn't you once say that the brown cherries felt incredibly similar to your HHKB Pro?

--- Quote from: xsphat;2995 ---The brown switches are really light, not too loud or anything, and they do remind me of the HHKB's capacitive switches.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: xsphat;3136 ---Surprisingly, the capacitive switches and the brown stemmed Cherry's are so close there was no real feeling of disorientation (with the exception of the sudden impact of the Sun type 5 layout). The HHKB slides feel a little bit rougher than the browns, but that's about it. I'm really impressed with these Cherry browns.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: xsphat;3161 ---I agree, it's just hard to really describe key feel. I like the browns better than the capacitive switches, but they are in the same league.
--- End quote ---

I know that you had a change in heart and now prefer clickier keyswitches...which makes your statement about the Topre's all that more confusing to me.

LOL, damn. Someone got busted : )

Well fine, I'll stop posting and just lurk here then.


--- Quote from: bigpook;6266 ---LOL, damn. Someone got busted : )
--- End quote ---
Not trying at all to "call him out".  I'm simply someone who is awaiting a brown-cherry-equipped keyboard and trying to get a handle on what to expect.

Just looking for some clarification.  

xsphat, you mentioned in the past that the feel of the HHKB Pro and the cherry browns are very similar (and at one point saying the brown's were better)...I'm not trying at all to embarass you...I know that you like to switch things up a lot.

I'm just looking for some clarification for my own education as to the differences in feel.


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