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Evoluent VerticalMouse: Great mouse, great service.

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In October last year (8 months ago) I bought a wireless Evoluent VerticalMouse. This thing is great: middle mouse button off the scrollwheel (Linux users use the middle mouse button often), soft easy to click buttons, and variable tracking speed. Plus, the shape is very natural to hold and even makes my time at the keyboard more comfortable because I no longer need to twist my arm every time I use the mouse. I cannot recommend this device highly enough! Notice that your palm moves easily up and down, not side to side, so rotating it and using the 'up and down' motion (sideways) to move the mouse makes a big difference.

One problem that I do have is that the scrollwheel stopped functioning properly, and has been slowly getting worse. Now after 8 months it sometimes scrolls backwards! I wrote to Evoluent to let them know and within the hour a representative offered to ship to me a new replacement mouse, even though I am not in the US. They don't even require that I ship the defective mouse back (which is rather expensive from here), they only want a photograph of the destroyed device. I have to say that I have had trouble with hardware before, of all types from computer peripherals to automotive, and very rarely does one find a company with that level of service.

I will add that I did not take them up on the offer of a replacement mouse as I would have to destroy the current mouse _before_ the new one ships. I really don't want to be without the device for a few weeks while I wait for the replacement, so I decided to just live without the scrollwheel. I just got an email back from the rep: they are sending me a replacement mouse and I can destroy the current mouse when I receive the replacement. All is well in the world today!

In any case, I highly recommend the device for anyone with wrist pain or arm pain for anything but graphical work. Everyone in my office loves the mouse, but my graphics designer feels that he cannot control it well enough in Photoshop. That was the only complaint I heard about the device after people get over the first five minutes of holding it.

Wow, that sounds like an advertisement! It's not, I really just love that mouse. So much so that I won' even be without it for a few weeks in order to get a new one!

How big is the mouse? Would you say that it can fit a rather large hand with comfort?


--- Quote from: keymaster on Wed, 05 June 2013, 15:08:03 ---How big is the mouse? Would you say that it can fit a rather large hand with comfort?

--- End quote ---

When I'm holding it, the mouse levels out at the level of the top of my hand. I guess that makes it a perfect fit for me. My graphics designer, the guy who didn't feel that he could control it, is a big guy. Everyone else here is my size or smaller, and they had no trouble with it, even one of the girls who stands 160 cm and weighs less than 50 kg. For reference, I stand about 172 cm and weigh about 75 kg. I'll take some pictures and post them, but not tonight.

I just checked their size chart and this thing would be a bit small in my hand. Thanks for your review :)


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