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Ducky DK9087 G2 Pro LE Clear + Brown


Alright, so decided to get myself a Ducky Keyboard a couple days before I head back to Canada (currently still in Taipei, Taiwan cause of Computex) because my Old BW is dying. Picked up the Ducky Shine DK 9087 G2 PRO LE Hybrid Key Switch using Cherry MX Brown and Clear Switches. I couldn't be more satisfied!
I've felt many MX brown keyboards in the past, but they've always felt a bit mushy at first. I wished they had a bit more springy-ness/resistance to them. So I did some research, and found that MX Clears would probably suit me well. Only one problem, MX Clears are relatively rare and hard to find on pre-made keyboards. Spent the past afternoon doing some homework, trying to find a keyboard with MX Clears. Only keyboard that was available in Clears were the G2 Pro LE and another Full Sized Ducky Shine II 9008 with Chinese phonetic lettering on it. I didn't want to go with another full sized keyboard, so I settled with the DK 9087 G2 Pro LE.

87 Key Keyboard (TKL) 37 MX Clears and 50 MX Browns.
Some pictures:


Back of the box. It says Cherry MX "White" and Brown. But as we know, they call Clear switches "White".

Everything inside the box, minus the two keychains.

Close up of keychains. I bought the keyboard from a shop called "AutoBuy" in Taiwan. They gave the two keychains as a freeby. Beneath the key caps are MX Blue switches for plate mounts. Sadly, the red WASD cluster keys feel like a cheap, translucent ABS keycap painted red.

Thin PBT key caps, with alpha-numerals printed on the side. Pretty solid feel and I like the slight roughness of it.

Popped the caps off

Just making sure that the MX "Whites" are MX Clears. Yup, translucent White.   


Back of the keycaps. You can see where the molds were broken off.

Better picture. Wish they had the blemishes near the bottom of the cap and not the top.

Underside of the keyboard

Only six Blue LEDs. WASD cluster for using the red keycaps, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock (not pictured) have an LED when pressed.

After using the keyboard for a couple days, I'm really enjoying the stiffer Modifier and F1-F12 keys. I don't seem to miss the Numpad either. Apparently the keyboard also supports NKRO through USB when you flip switch 4.

My only complaint with this keyboard (so far) would probably be the lack of rubber feet when you prop the keyboard up. It's made of plastic, so it slides around all over the place!

Bought the keyboard for $3090NT. That's roughly $105 Canadian Dollars at the time of this post! This keyboard on costs $131 USD!


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