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Interesting find (bad switches though)


Was browsing the web earlier today and I came across this -

- It's an interesting keyboard in terms of a "Sony with a Trackpoint...?" Now despite the fact that the keyboard either -

A) Has really ****ty laptop keys
B) Cherry MX
C) Sometime of scissor switch
D) Maybe worse then the above who knows

- Its foldable a.k.a making it an extremely portable keyboard, from my eyes even more portable then the Happy Hacking Keyboard, though I believe the two are in a completely different league... What do you guys think

For those of you who would like to try out this keyboard, but not at that price; I was checking around ebay and i found one for the cheapest at $100 USD (not shipped yet). Perhaps you could find cheaper if this is your cup of tea :)


I'm going to vote scissor switch (FWIW, most (all?) laptop keyboards ARE scissor switches nowadays. ;))



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