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Well looking around ebay again and I found some keyboards, some of you guys "may" be looking for well here we go first up


- IBM M13 (WHTE)

- IBM M2

So yeah hopefully this helps some of you guys! :)... And if any of you are looking at that Brand New in Box Northgate Omnikey 101 >.> better stop... I plan to stop at nothing until I win it D:
Thank You Very Much and You Have A Nice Day :)


What kind of switches does northgate omnikey keyboard uses?

You're not bidding on it, that's all you need to know. You know because you need to know.

 I see. One of them "on a need to know basis" things is it? Like one of them James Bond films.



(white alps)
(quess the quote? slightly altered though)

He's in Europe, dude, I don't think you have to worry.

All Northgates use the same clicky Alps sliders, though some of the plungers are blue, the vast majority are white.

That M2 looks appealing.....


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