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[TMK] HHKB Alt Controller with Mini-B/Type-C connector

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Still waiting until I move into my new place before I play with the BT Controller. Quick question for Hasu: will it still work in USB mode without a battery, or should I make sure I have the battery already when it comes time to install?

Yes you can use BT Controller safely without battery. USB mode works of course and also BT mode works during you give it power with USB cable.

Dear hasu
thanks for your project. i'm a newbie with hhkb. i will receive my hhkbpro2 direcly from pfu-direct. my friends told me to see your post for modding my hhkb.
i just have some questions, your board helps a default firmware and you says that it can be remap easily.
my question is when i remap it on the sites, i download the firmware, how can i loaded it to the board ?

You can use dfu-programmer or Atmel FLIP to flash(program) the cotroller. The former is command line tool while the latter is GUI application runs on Windows.

See this.

Hey man, any idea how I can get the rn42 to autoconnect to client? I can pair it just fine, but it won't autoconnect...


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