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[IC] Swiss | A Cheese Keyboard! (Last Update May 1st)

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Introducing Swiss:
a HHKB keyboard that looks like...  Cheese?

This Picture, while not the best, is the most accurate one in terms of color. Of course it all depends on lighting. The ones above are accurate as well.

Proto R2, Lunar Swiss!
Color will be available alongside the E-Coated yellow! Silver Anodized

3rd Proto has shipped but as promised, I created some renders to see the new inside and brassless bottom:

Layout and PCB:

Thank you to Melinda Birkenstock for the PCB!
PCB will be Hotswap and QMK Compatible

IC Form and discord:
IC Form



* Mount: Top Mount
* Angle: 6 Degrees
* Material: Aluminium
* Plate Material: Pom and Brass (check IC Form)
* Weight: Brass
* Universal/ aio3 Daughter board.
* Colors: Yellow & Gray

* Is this a joke? No!
* GB spots: TBD
* Why forced HHKB? Everything else looks bad! Also I need the blockers for the holes.
* Will there be any other colors? No

EU: Candykeys
NA: MKUltra
OCE: Daily Clack
CN: KBDfans

If you would like to support this board and me, please add this to your Signature:

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* Candykeys for being on board since day 1!
* FreshFromTheGrave for the Idea!
* Honk Honk

* Updated Info!
* For certain reasons, I will only be able to offer white POM plates.

IC form didn't take email? Is that intentional?

should've been named cheeseboard smh :(


--- Quote from: ergusto on Tue, 08 September 2020, 10:36:13 ---IC form didn't take email? Is that intentional?

--- End quote ---

I don't see a need for it! You can stay up to date on my discord or on this IC :D



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