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gmk how necro actually came out
Swishy do the 40ís users have you hostage?

I've wanted another run of necro for a while, but I cannot get into contact with the original creator nor are they active in the community any more. If people see this as a huge issue, then of course I will not move forward with this. My goal was to bring some updated kitting tothe colorway and give people another chance to get the set


--- Quote from: on Tue, 27 April 2021, 21:01:45 ---Swishy do the 40ís users have you hostage?

--- End quote ---
I guess you could say that since I have three 40s boards!!!

I appreciate the fact that you want to give the community another opportunity to get necro cuz i genuinely like it and i wouldnt get an aftermarket of it personally cuz im broke, but I think it'd be cool to run the colorway that was originally advertised, as long as the community is okay with it ofc :blank:


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