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Didn't know that this exists ... but ok makes sense as alternative to lube, "for stabilizers to decrease the sound of the wire hitting the surface of the housing. ". Now, my question, isn't that easily done the DIY way, by wrapping a tiny bit of masking tape around the wires ends that enter the stab housings? Should be the same effect, or even better, since masking tape is thinner and by the number of wrappings you can adjust the feel and sound, right.

You'll have to do a really clean job, and you'll probably need to use something with less friction than masking tape. Otherwise you might end up with jamming/sluggish stabs.

I haven't tried wrapping the wires as you suggest, but I've tried the "holee" mod, where you you wrap the inside of the housing with thin foam or bandaid, to achieve a similar effect. It was a tedious process, and even when I thought I'd done it immaculately, it still made the stabs jam. Never trying that again!

Wrapping the wire itself sounds like a potentially less painful approach though.

Good mention with the friction, so simple scotch tape should have less friction than masking tape.

Best method I've found so far without going crazy with modding like using is getting a switch with minimal wobble, one great example is the Boba U4T, I've used Everglide plate mount stabs on the NK65 and the stock KBDfans PC stabs on the KBD67 Lite and on both boards there was zero rattle, with only lubing the housing with 3404 and lubing the wire with dielectric grease.

Understood, Leopard, but tell me did you mean 3204? Since I can't find a reference for 3404 ...


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