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Mighty Setup:
In other words, Devil.
Designed By Mighty Setup

(I would be really grateful if you could spend a couple of minutes to give us some feedback.)

KBDfans Akuma 80%

Alexotos build stream

Key Features
Leafspring mounting system with option for top mount.
3 Piece Construction
Typing angle: 6.9
Front height: 17mm, front typing height: 20mm, Back height: 39mm
Weights: Estimated 2.9kg

Sell Details
Pricing: 450$
Date: Sep 22nd at 7:00 PM PST (Pacific standard time)
MOQ: 500 Units Limited Edition
Vendor: KBDfans (worldwide shipping)
Colour options: Black / E - White / Purple / Gray / Blue / Red

Package includes:
Aluminum Top and Bottom case x1
Weight bar x1
PCB x1
USB Daughter Board x1
Plate x1
PCB foam x1
Case foam x1
Switch pads x1
Silicone socks set x1
Designed tape mod x1
Akuma Themed card x1
Stabilizer shims x1
Rubber feet x1

Hotswapable, Flex Cut, 1.2 mm thickness, RGB underglow, QMK firmware, Daughterboard

6063 Aluminium Top
6063 Aluminium Bottom
Plate Options: PVD Brass, Aluminium, Polycarbonate
Weight options: PVD Brass, PVD Brass multi coloured, Pvd Brass black mirror

Real pictures of the prototype taken by Kbdfans:


Layout: TKL WK F13 / TKL WKL F13

Colour versions (These are renders and might not be 100% accurate in colours)



Akuma Keycaps

Keyboards in the pictures: Rama m60 RNBW version / Paragon 75 / Boston compact 120

Material: PBT material
Profile: Cherry profile
Production Method: Doubleshot
Manufacturer: PBTfans
Compatibility: Cherry MX switches and MX-style clones
Colors - Violet black / Heron Blue / Wild Brown / Celery White

(Basekit) Akuma Base kit

(Basekit) Akuma Novelties

(Basekit) Akuma Spacebar

(Basekit) Akuma Numpad

(Basekit) Akuma Nordic

Sell Details
Pricing: TBD
Date: TBD

Global Vendor: KBDfans
AU Vendor: Daily Clack
JP Vendor: Yushakobo
CA Vendor: Deskhero
UK Vendor: Prototypist Keyboards

Akuma Deskpads

Size: 900 x 400 x 4
Cloth top Surface
Rubber bottom
Black Stitches

Sell Details
Pricing: TBD
Date: TBD
Global Vendor: KBDfans
US Vendor: TBD
EU Vendor: TBD
AU Vendor: TBD
JP Vendor: TBD
CA Vendor: TBD
UK Vendor: TBD

Please consider this post a living document, i accept all feedback!
If you have any questions or need to reach me please contact me on: or Discord you can also follow me on Instagram
Thank you for your time!
- Fredrik at Mighty Setup

All renders are made by: its.hymn

To-Do List:
Round 2 samples (In process)
Send prototype unit to content creator for build and review content
Announce sale date

Updates 2022-06-09
Round 1 of prototypes have been made and I have to say they look amazing!
We made changes while waiting for the prototypes to be made, here are the changes we made:

We changed the mounting system and added a leafspring mounting system.
We added a bridge at the space bar on the plate so that the hotswap PCB will work.

R2 Prototypes are ordered

We also confirmed the price and MOQ
The keyboard price will be: 450$ and the MOQ: 500.

(Photos of the first round of prototypes will soon be updated on the IC)

The front engraving will remain, but there will also be option to remove it when you create your order.

Updates 2022-08-02
R2 Prototypes are made and everythings works perfect! (We had to change the PC plate version cutouts, it had to much flex. This is already fixed.)

We are waiting for the package to be done, this should only take a few more days.
Kbdfans will send one prototype to me and one to Taeha Types for content.

Updates 2022-09-17
GB date announced: Sep 22nd at 7:00 PM PST (Pacific standard time)

Alexotos build stream on Akuma 80%

GB timer kbdfans website


Looks sick!
Looking dope! GLWIC!

very lone ronin


Are you the same one who made this, stole from someone else's design? I remember from a Blacksimon stream.


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