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[IC] 40s Pixel Deskmat '22 | Rough Texture | Vendors Announced! | GB 9/30-10/15


A deskmat celebrating all the unique and lively keyboards created by the 40s community, based off real photos submitted by 40% community members!

Consider joining the 40s discord @

Last year I made a pixelized deskmat in the same vein celebrating all the wonderful diverse keyboards the community offers, creating a deskmat that overwhelms all its owners with small keyboards surely to guarantee you the moniker of "40s Deity"
You can check out an album of pictures I've found of people with last years mat by clicking here!

Here's some renders whipped up idk y'all know what a deskmat should look like by now just imagine your silly little keyboard on it

GB will be running 9/30 - 10/15!


NA: Winkeebs
EU: Keygem
OCE: Allcaps

Fill out the interest check if you'd like your region added, or have any other suggestions/feedback by filling out the form here!

Special thanks again to all the wonderful makers and friends inside the community. I've truly found a special place full with builders and people with creative talent and fun ideas. It's great to be another year deeper in this with all y'all, and I'm grateful I can do something silly like this to try and give back. You're all great!

easy there buddy, didn't you just post an IC two weeks ago, maybe you should slow your roll for a hot sec before you keep trying to squeeze money out of us

glad to see round 2. would also love to see some imgur gallery or something showing off source material from all the homies who have a board on here, maybe deskmat FE buyers can get some signatures or something lol

Sad my board got axed, but I guess I'm buying another mat!

updated with vendors, date, updated design! thank you everyone who filled out the form and has continued supporting this project  :D

GB is live! Just waiting for mod approval on the gb thread here:


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