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[IC] saevus Cor - 65% with split XT Columns | UPDATE: GB DATE AND VENDORS!

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Update: GB Info and Vendors!
The time has finally come! We are ready to announce the GB! There will be an official Group Buy thread tomorrow.
Start Date: October 7th
End Date: October 30th
Limit: Uncapped
Colors: Light Blue, Deep Navy, Lilac, Vibrant Red, Rose Gold, Silver, E-white, E-black
Tops: WK and WKL
PCB: Solder (allows for plateless), Hotswap (no plateless)

Regional Vendors

Typing Tests:

Hi all, my name is Nick aka streamline. Some quick background about me. This is my first public GB to run, but not my first board to produce. Thankfully, I am ironing out details with some great vendors and using reputable manufacturers to ensure as smooth of a delivery as possible. I have been a part of the mech community for 3-4 years now and have been creating boards for almost 2. I currently work as a marketing leader at a cloud security company, have spent time at Google and was in the gaming industry for almost 7 years. I personally find this information valuable for a first time runner. Admittedly I have always been intimidated by GH and mostly just lurked. I know, shame on me. Otherwise, I have been much more active in the Reddit and Discord communities. As I want to be as transparent as possible, please ask if you'd like to know anything else about me or my history. Without further ado, let's get to the keyboard...

saevus: Latin adjective meaning fierce, ferocious. (My brand name is actually my old CS team name. RIP CS beta 1.0 to 1.6. I was the 14th person with a steam account. Yes I played CS, CSS, TF2, CSGO, OW and Valorant at pretty high levels.)

Cor: Latin noun meaning heart

Concept & Design
The saevus Cor is a 65% with left and right XT columns. The split XT columns provide balance to the design, a more even weight distribution on the left and right side of the alphas, and allows for a space for your artisans while also having some useful macro keys. The design offers up to 4 different materials (Alu, Brass, SS, Copper). I, like many people, went down the foam rabbit hole for about 6 months. Boards sounded great, but had very little variation and therefore personality at times. I am attempting to offer a board that has a sound of its own with little to no foam. Mainly only considering case foam, but I am willing to upload plate files if people want to produce their own foam or plates. I have always been a fan of more intricate designs, which is also usually best highlighted by brighter color palettes to bring out the lines and shape. (bow to the bright boards and beige cap gods). The back weight design has some obvious inspiration but I believes offers a very unique look. The balance and symmetry on the top of the board carries over to the bottom as well. The curves on the bottom of the side profile are meant to mimic the lines and curves found in a heart shape. The lower typing angle and cherry lip lend to a comfortable typing experience without a wrist rest.

Current prototypes are in High Vis and Rose Gold. I will be receiving Dark Navy, E-Black, Light Blue, Lilac and Vibrant Red soon.

Supported Layouts


* WK and WKL (prototypes in WKL because... it's superior duh :p )
* 6063 Aluminum
* Internal Weight - Brass or SS
* External Weight - SS
* External Badge - Copper, Polished SS (LE)
* Blasting Grit 150
* 6.5 typing angle
* 20.6 mm Front Height
* Cherry lip
* PCB Gasket Mount (Plateless build option on solder PCB)
* PCB Image
* QMK and VIA compatible PCB
* Centered USB-C via Unified Daughterboard
* Internal Engravings
* saevus logo on left
* Cor aut Mors - Heart or Death - on right
* Unassembled Weight - 2016g (4 lbs 7 oz)GB Details

GB Dates: TBA (after build streams)
Pricing: TBA (anticipating $400+)
Timeline: Anticipating 4-6 month lead time after GB closes, may be subject to change based on units sold
Colors: Anodized High Vis, Rose Gold, Light Blue (543C), Dark Navy, Lilac, Vibrant Red, Black, and Silver | E-white, E-Black. (Color note - I truly believe this design looks better in light colors to see the detail and contrast of materials.)
Includes: Case, Weight (internal, external and badge), PCB, Alu and PC Plate, JST & Daughterboard, Silicone Feet, All Hardware, Carrying Case, Microfiber Cloth - may add case foam
LE version will include a polished SS weight, but will be limited to 25-50 units. QC on these is a pain due to higher fail rate.



* Extras: Hotswap PCB with Daughterboard and JST, Plates (PC and Alu), Additional solder PCB, SS or Brass internal weights
* Build streams coming from xinxinwong, lulzthax, Andy Nguyen, dutchmasterw
* Additional Photography coming from Captain Sterling
* Again, Polished SS is LE due to higher failure rate
Reddit IC


saevus Instagram

Personal IG (some keeb stuff)

8/22 Update: xxw Typing Test
Additional typing tests will be uploaded this week and I will be able to embed YT videos to make it easier to view. Currently on a zakus build on PC plate and it sounds  ;D ;D
We will do a recording of the current build as well.

Additional proto photos. Waiting to receive in hand.


Woooo! GLWIC!!


--- Quote from: just.hymn on Mon, 08 August 2022, 08:17:40 ---Woooo! GLWIC!!

--- End quote ---
tysm render god

exploded wkl 65, and xt, and hotswap? take my wallet.

love this design.


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