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So... episode 1.   pretty gud'

mmm... it just seems more of the same at the moment,  might take a few episodes to become enthralling.

thoughts ?

I had not watched the (first five seasons of) Game of Thrones for the gratuitous sex and violence. I had endured it, because I was a fan of the books and knew that there was a lot more to be seen in Westeros.

This pilot episode had sex and ridiculous violence without anything that made GoT good. Predictable story. No likeable, or even interesting characters. I'll pass.

I never read or watched Game of Thrones (past the first 1 or 2 episodes on TV that is) but many years ago I did read a story called "The Hedge Knight" in an anthology and really enjoyed it. But not enough to dive into a gigantic "thing" ....

Yeah, 'member how GoT started out real strong?


--- Quote from: Findecanor on Thu, 25 August 2022, 15:36:37 ---gratuitous sex and violence

--- End quote ---
There's no such thing :p . Besides, they are THE biggest sellers in any media in all of history! What do you watch TV for if not that? :p


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