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[IC] Ellipse by Skepur | A curvy 60% keyboard with some nice features

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Ellipse by Skepur | A curvy 60% keyboard with some nice features

No, this is not a render. Dark gray colourway.

Interest Check form

>>> Skepur's House Discord server <<<
>>> Skepur's Instagram account <<<


Dark Gray colourway

Disclaimer: USB cutout shape is not final. Changed from prototype #1 to #2.

Ice Blue colourway

Disclaimer: "Skepur" logo for production units will be moved inside the case.

What is Ellipse about?
Having been in the hobby for a while (since late 2015), I’ve seen plenty of 60% designs, trends and feature sets.
This made me hesitant to do a standard layout design as I didn’t know what to add to the table without my design looking… like a nice rectangle.

Ellipse is my take on the always popular and in-demand 60% keyboard layout. It also marks a new chapter in my journey in keyboard design.
I thought hard about making this standard layout a bit more… different while still keeping it sleek, modern and customizable.

My goal with Ellipse was to design a board that:

* Kept in with that “minimal & sleek” look which so many of us like and chase.
* Set itself apart from other 60% keyboard designs from a “top-down” view.
* Leave that old rectangle behind. We can do better.
* Offer customizability for the end-user to experiment and truly build his own preferred setup without breaking the bank.
Interest check wouldn't be an interest check if I wouldn't ask for everyone's dear feedback.
I need your feedback about things like:

* Base kit "default" plate layout options.
* Base kit "default" PCB option.
* Branding placement on the case.
* Add-on plate material options.
* Interest for a foam dampening kit.
* Poll for 4th case colour option.>>> INTEREST CHECK FORM <<<

What the hell is Skepur?

It’s a “new me”, to put it lightly.

Skepur is a brand that encompasses my key values as a community member, as a designer, and my look on life.
Probably, most importantly, for myself - finally there’s a signature on these damn keyboards, maaan!

Skepur is based on the Icelandic word “Skepnur” which (by most online sources) means “Creatures”.
“Funderburker” being a trademarked frog cartoon character, I wanted to hide an “easter egg” of who is behind the brand in the actual brand name.
I also didn’t want to make myself bigger or more corporate than I am - I am still just a fun dude doing what I love.

Skepur is about:

* Friendliness and openness -Both as a designer and active community member, my journey in this hobby has been one of the most welcoming and friendliest experiences in my life.
* Being funky, childish and playful - doing my own thing and trying out unusual layouts or features in keyboard designs. This point captures long-term support cause kids break stuff.
* Honesty and humility - I've always tried to engage with anyone wanting to know why something is the way it is. If there are any issues, delays or drama, I do address them honestly and do my best to help out and resolve them no matter how dumb a question.

Notable features & case colourways

* Lovely and unique elliptic curve to the front and back of the keyboard.
* Compatibility: designed with long-term support in mind. Compatible with Bakeneko60-like PCBs, open-source plate file availability for all layout options.
* Case layout options: Winkeyless (WKL) or Winkey (WK).
* Three mounting styles for end-user to explore:

* “Hamburger” mount - offering that “old-school” top-mount with softening the upstroke.
* Isolation gasket mount - everybody likes a tasty sandwich, heh?
* O-ring mount - keeping up with the trends and that o-so-nice thock.
* Typing angle: 6 degrees
* Case materials: Aluminium case w/ brass accent piece.
* Potential plate materials: Aluminium; Polycarbonate; FR4; POM; Carbon Fiber.
* Case colourways:

* Dark gray (visible under "MORE PHOTOS" below title photo)
* Ice Blue (visible under "MORE PHOTOS" below title photo)
* Pure Red
* Violet or Dark Green <<< Cast your vote for which you prefer!

Group buy information

* Main vendor will be Cannon Keys.
* Proxies:

* UK - Proto[typist]
* OCE - Daily Clack
* Europe - Oblotzky Industries
* Asia - ilumKBPricing: Aiming for under $400 for a base kit.

Timeline: Autumn 2022.

Thank you for your time. Emils.

Update #3 - Group buy thread is LIVE. (2022/11/03)

Update #2 - Update on GB offerings based on IC form feedback.(2022/10/13)

Cannon Keys "Coming Soon" product page for Ellipse is up and running for a... week already. Check it out, we'll update that page every time we got some news!

IC feedback form will be open still but responses have stalled so I can already decide on most things.

* Due to customizability being one of Ellipse's selling points and PCB support, the production plate will be offered with a regular + Tsangan bottom. Tsangan-only plate file will be open-sourced after the GB launch.
* We'll offer a choice between hot-swap or solderable PCB at checkout. This will be offered for extra PCBs also.
* "Skepur" logo will be moved inside, almost 64% voted for it to be inside.
* Looking over plate material poll - we'll be offering: Full POM; Full & Half CF; Full & Half Alu. Plate files will be available after the GB launch.
* Dampening foam kits will be offered as extra for those who want them.
* 4th colourway will be... DARK GREEN! It's a tight call with 55% voting "dark green". I have the majority vote and I voted dark green as well!
Pie charts for every IC form question are down below!

Update #1 - Added "Ice Blue" colourway photos. Added regional vendors.(2022/09/27)

It can be found under "MORE PHOTOS. YES, PHOTOS." under the title photo.

"Ice Blue" prototype build stream by Upas.

Sound tests for all three mounting styles:

* Top mount sound test. - Disclaimer: By design, Ellipse offers a "burger" mount, not a standard top mount, so the sound test might sound ping-ier than it will be, if correctly built.
* O-ring sound test
* Gasket sound testChanges made between prototypes #1 & #2:

* USB cutout changed from full ellipse to rectangle with curved side edges.
* "Skepur" logo on bottom piece, NOT FINAL placement.
* Increased switch pin clearance underneath PCB for multi-mount safety & also case foam fitment.

Like the TMO and Onyx, another unique-looking board!  :thumb:

discourse and group:
fisheye lens keyboard

I promised myself I am done with cool expensive rectangles. Welp, here we go with cool ellipse now.


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