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Reducing 'nternet

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has ne1 gone on a computer diet ?

good, bad, experience ?

kinda, got a new job, no longer a web dev/sysadmin but in a much more hands on job (i do not know the english word for it and way too lazy to look it up) so instead of spending 15+h a day on the pc i spend at maximum 3h a day. and feeling much better, but that may be from the new job.

it's been a few hours.

feeling withdrawal symptoms.  runny nose, irritability, existential dread


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Fri, 30 September 2022, 12:02:54 ---
existential dread

--- End quote ---

Popeye's chicken would cure that.

officially setting a max on internet use.  30 minutes morning, 30 afternoon, 30 after dinner.

been reading up on neurological disorders caused by too high internet integration.


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