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[IC] AK7.62 solenoid+buzzer/Double the noise (20/08/2023 -Video uploaded)

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Hello, everyone! I am yuzzy.

I have a passion for keyboards with exaggerated appearances. Two years ago, I created an acrylic keyboard with extravagant switches. These switches can be used to control the opening and closing of electromagnetic valves. Additionally, I designed a separate window that allows for a clear view of the movement of the electromagnetic valves. I find it very intriguing. No matter which type of switches you use, when you activate this switch, the sound of your switches will be overshadowed. Furthermore, you can even activate a buzzer simultaneously by using combination keys, making it even louder. Haha, it's quite amusing!

*This is the acrylic version from two years ago.

In the recent update, I redesigned the keyboard and created two versions using aluminum alloy. One version supports the 64 layout, while the other version supports the 67 layout. The new designs retain the original appearance.

*The left side is a 60% layout, and the right side is a 65% layout (with ISO and split backspace support).

General Details

Technical Specifications:

- Case Material: Sandblasted 6061 Aluminum Alloy
- Weight Material (if optional): PVD Stainless Steel
- Layout Versions: 60%, 65%
- Typing Angle: 6.5 degrees
- Plate Options: Aluminum Alloy, Polypropylene (PP), Polyoxymethylene (POM), Polycarbonate (PC), Carbon Fiber (Forged Texture), FR4
- Case Colors: Red, Black, Burgundy, Coffee, Light Gold, Dark Gray, Forest Green, Silver, Purple, Light Blue
- Protective Cover Colors: Carbon Fiber (Texture), Gray, Blue, Yellow, Red, Transparent Yellow, Clear, Green, Transparent Green, Purple, White, Black, Transparent Red, Transparent Blue


exploded view

65% Features:
- Split Backspace
- ISO Layout
PCB Details
- Type: Hotswap
- Structure: 1.6mm FR4
- Processor: CH582M
- Switch Type: MX
For the electromagnetic valve, we have made several optimizations. The smallest electromagnetic valve available on the market is a 5V, 300mA valve (any smaller, and it won't produce sound, making it less enjoyable). In the past, electromagnetic valves may have experienced lagging issues, especially without RGB lighting. With RGB lighting and the need to charge the battery, the situation becomes even more complicated. Other players using electromagnetic valves would sacrifice convenience by adding a separate USB port solely for charging the valve to ensure sufficient current and prevent lagging.

**Testing Equipment:**
1. USB 2.0 interface with a current of 500mA
2. AK762 electromagnetic valve buzzer board
3. Customized AK762 electromagnetic valve

**Results achieved:**
1. Using the USB 2.0 interface, the battery charging consumes the full 500mA current. The voltage drops from 5V to 4.6V.
2. When the RGB lighting is activated, the current increases to 800mA, and the voltage drops further to 4.38V.
3. Finally, when the electromagnetic valve is activated, it operates normally with the expected sound.

*The shell adopts a quick-detach structure that can be opened without the need for any tools.

Real shot.


*This is a test version made of acrylic, and I will soon be releasing a video showcasing the updated aluminum alloy version.

List of Accessories:
Aluminum alloy top case, bottom case, and backplate
Transparent window protective cover for the electromagnetic valve
Interchangeable electromagnetic valve and onboard buzzer
Protective switch (default color is red, other colors available)
PC material plate (alternative materials available)
1.6mm thick PCB circuit board (non-QMK solution, supports wired, Bluetooth, 2.4G)
Foam gasket, switch dampeners, washers
3000mAh battery and 2.4G receiver
Quick-release clips *4, screws (several)
Screwdriver and other installation tools
Poron foam gasket, switch dampeners.
Silicone keyboard feet[/color]


Price & Quantity
TBD - The price will be kept within $180 and there won't be a minimum order quantity

If you are from other international distribution platforms, we also welcome you to contact us.

Thank You

It seems like I made a duplicate post, but I couldn't find where to delete it

Very neat idea! GLWIC

Not the biggest fan of the layout as 1u right shift is both impractical and unattractive, would possibly consider adopting the traditional 65% layout w/ the bottom blocker. The design is cool though. Definitely don't bring this one to school lol


I'm intrigued, as something who doesn't really use the right shift key, I think this layout is pretty awesome. I'll keep an eye on this project!


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